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I work in the Seattle area, as a programmer.

My Music Background

I play trumpet, trombone and horn pretty equally at this point, and play tuba a lesser amount. I enjoy playing in the pit orchestras of musicals, and that's what I find myself doing most often.

If you're interested in my musical background, look at my music resume.

Collection of Jazz Horn Info

This was a pet project of mine while taking a year-long course in Jazz History at Georgetown University. I've found dozens of references, and other hornists have assisted me in putting together even more references. There's information on jazz hornists, as well as recordings and the occasional festival.

Potomac River Jazz Club

When I was in the Washington, D.C. area, I had the good fortune to be involved in one of the PRJC bands, the Federal Focus Jazz Band. This was a band co-sponsored by the PRJC and a non-profit company called Federal Focus, and was intended to teach the traditional jazz styles to younger musicians to keep the spirit of the this often-overlooked genre of jazz alive. I played with this group for five seasons, two on trumpet, one on trombone, one on tuba, and the last one on clarinet. At that point, at the ripe old age of 27, I was retired from the "youth" band.

After retiring from the band, I was on the PRJC Board of Directors for a short while, concluding with my move up to the Boston area. Click here to get to the DC-area PRJC upcoming events and traditional jazz FAQ list.

Other Good Sites

Hans ten Cate's Wonderful Daily Llama newsletter of Monty Python news

Tuba Christmas Federal Focus Jazz Band Harlan with Horn Engagement Portrait

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